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3 Reasons Why Sales Collateral is Alive and Well in Today’s Digital World

3 Reasons Why Sales Collateral is Alive and Well in Today’s Digital World


With digital marketing continuing to rule the world - are items like business cards, marketing sheets, power point decks and brochures a thing of the past?


In fact, I’ll go as far as to say printed sales collateral is probably one of the best ways to close business in today’s digital world - because of the fact that it’s a digital world!  

Here are three reasons why:


  1. It competes for you.  Quality printed materials that live long after the call or meeting can make the difference in closing business. Well written, well designed and well printed sales collateral is impressive and informative and will often get passed around during decision making time.  Using that 2010 trifold brochure you made yourself at Office Depot and printed at work?  Guess who won’t be winning against business like THIS.

  2. It communicates your brand promise for you. Failing to understand the power of collateral communication means you’re not doing all you can to influence the perception of your value to your prospective customers.  Really good collateral makes your company’s products and services believable, memorable to the prospective client, and will influence buying decisions.  

  3. It sells for you.  Collateral that shares testimonials or case studies in addition to products and services will be the way your sales team can insure follow-up appointments. Featuring client success stories allows the customer to sell your company for you by demonstrating what ALL prospects want - ROI.  

  4. In a fast-paced, digital world - printed material is as important as the handshake.  Have you ever been underwhelmed at another company’s weak collateral?  If they are trying to get you to spend money on products and services with a printed sheet that’s on regular printer paper, has a blurry logo, limited content with lots of exclamation points and no design - do you think you will?  Printed material matters now more than ever before to show your customers that you really do provide high end services and high end products.

Dress for the job you want, right?  I know your company cares deeply about providing the best services and products for your clients. I know your company is as successful as it is because of the value you provide.  Think for a moment - does your printed collateral really reflect that?  Are you dressing for the job you want? Or just hoping your smile will do the trick?




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