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The Single Biggest Threat to Your Business.

The Single Biggest Threat to Your Business.


Anspach hired a marketing expert. “He said, ‘When we’re done, the phones will ring,’” Anspach says. “I said, ‘My business doesn’t work that way.’ But he was right.”

I came across this article this morning while thinking about what I wanted to blog for our readers.  I cannot tell you how often we hear what Anspach said - the whole “oh MY business doesn’t work that way. Websites don’t get us business.”


The web is the BEST WAY to increase leads, promote your brand promise, and highlight how your goods and services solve the problem of your customer.  It’s your online storefront - and if you had a store that no one could find, that had one product highlighted, no other information explaining why your brand is the one they need - NO ONE WOULD BUY ANYTHING.  

Look - B2B and B2C companies are thriving online.  And they have been for DECADES.  The fact that business leaders are STILL saying, “But, not MY business,” in 2017 is really illuminating.  

So the single biggest threat to your business? Is the “my business doesn’t work that way,” school of thought.  


The average person consults 10.4 sources before finally making a purchase.

48% of consumers start mobile research with a search engine.

Over 50% of smartphone users grab their smartphone immediately after waking up...don’t you want to be there to say “Good Morning!” when they do?

Anspach did what I want you to do.  Stop thinking, “But this is how we’ve always done it,” and start thinking, “How can I win the game for my business online?”  The results will astound you.

I’ll never forget a company we were working with with about five years ago. One partner wanted a new and improved online presence.  The other partner thought the whole thing was ridiculous.  The first partner won the battle and said to us, “You’d better make me look good.”  Within the first 3 months of the new website being up and running they received an online form for a 300,000 deal. At our next meeting, both partners were beaming and the naysayer shared his apologies.  

“I just didn’t think it would work for our type of business,” he said.  “But I am thrilled to be wrong!”



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