Branding & Messaging

Marketing Strategy

Make waves with your brand

Branding is the act of stigmatizing your business. Your brand is the first experience the customer has with your product or service offering - and first impressions can mean everything.

There is a process for attaining brand awareness. Our primary purpose is to shape, broaden and amplify your company’s messages, and to affect positively the way people feel about them. The Wave Agency builds your brand with you, researching customers and competitors, evaluating your target markets and building compelling messaging components. We employ a specific methodology to determine the best ways to promote your brand clearly and consistently.

The Wave Agency is an impressive team to work with, offering great insight and creative ideas on strategically positioning our business and asking the tough questions. They walked us through an internal branding process, which was invaluable for us to re-approach what we do and what makes us different with a fresh set of eyes.











Logo Design

A logo is purely for identification, and doesn’t need to show what a business sells or offers in order to be effective. We follow a specific logo methodology that mirrors industry standards and builds logos to be simple, memorable, timeless, versatile, and appropriate for the intended purpose.

Messaging Development & Refinement

Competition for your prospects’ attention is growing. Creating powerful and compelling messaging has never been more important, as it creates a bridge between a top-of-mind issue and your brand. Relevant messaging reaches your audience and assuages their fears and anxieties with credible offerings that pair value (your thought leadership content) with fulfillment (in the form of your offering). Effective calls to action convert them to deeper levels of engagement. We work closely with you to identify the benefits and proof points of your brand and services to promote successful conversion.

Marketing Mission Statement

The marketing mission statement attempts to shape the associations, experiences, feelings, attitudes and perceptions that people have about a brand so that they not only view the brand positively, but see the brand as a solution to a specific need, want or ‘pain point’ that they may have.  The purpose is to create and articulate what makes your brand unique, and express how you wish to be perceived as a company.

Competitive Analysis

We survey and evaluate the leading competitors in your market and provide analysis on their logo, their marketing materials, and messaging.  This allows us to determine key differentiators in your branding to position you as a leader of the pack.

We Can Help.

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Bananas are just bananas. There’s a reason someone picks Chiquita over Del Monte. That’s because of branding. Better branding wins customers. Get started today and make waves with your brand. Call (615) 579-2858.