Marketing Campaigns

Marketing Campaigns

Targeted communications that drive action

A campaign is a specific, targeted approach to promoting directly to your clients.  It is what drives your customers and prospects to what you are promoting for your business - such as a special offer or new product or service, a lead generation asset such as a case study or white paper, or registration event like a webinar or conference.

Whether you have in-house marketing resources or need an outsourced partner for marketing campaign management, we work with any scenario to support internal efforts with technology and execution, or handle marketing campaigns for you end-to-end with planning, design, content development, implementation, execution, measurement and reporting.

We can create fully integrated, multi-channel campaigns using a variety of communication tactics like email marketing, custom landing pages, internal website placement, online advertising, direct mail and print materials.

We help you automate, increase and measure the efficiency of marketing campaigns so you can focus on acquiring and retaining customers.

Your marketing campaigns must be carefully planned and designed by marketing experts. We have the experience and industry knowledge to make your business a true success.

The Wave Agency is great to work with, and we have seen an almost immediate ROI - our lead generation volume has increased and we are leveraging several marketing communication tactics to inform and nurture our customers about all the many ways our company can serve their needs.
















Drive business with campaigns

Let’s say you’re exhibiting at an upcoming trade show.  You’ve already contacted The Wave Agency to build you an amazing booth complete with compelling materials designed to steal the show at the event. How else can you get prospects to your booth?
You need a campaign.

We would design for you a pre-show and post-show campaign that would include tactics like:

Pre conference:

  • Create marketing email to send to trade show prospect list
  • Create marketing email for existing customers that will be in attendance
  • Build dedicated website page announcing conference attendance
  • Promote on social media including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Create a contest e.g. like a free product demonstration or prize drawing
  • Design powerful advertising for conference materials
  • Provide an information capture experience for prospect email addresses and cell phone numbers

Post conference:

  • Use information captured to send a post-show follow up email
  • Execute a follow up text messaging campaign
  • Promote event & contest winner on social media
  • Manage contest winner communication and award
  • Implement captured contact information into Customer Relations Management (CRM) system for sales teams to qualify leads and prospects and determine what sales were closed as a direct result of this trade show.

This last bullet is one we at The Wave Agency think is KEY to the success of any business.  If your organization isn't already taking advantage of this valuable tool, CRM provides a clear picture of the sales pipeline allowing you to closely monitor sales activity and the entire process including how a lead goes from warm, to hot, to closed and why.

We Can Help.

Build targeted marketing campaigns to inform, entice and convert.



We build campaigns that win customers and increase revenue.

A campaign is a critical component of your plan used to drive traffic and increase awareness. From email marketing and targeted landing pages to advertising or direct mail, our campaigns will help convert the leads in your pipeline. Call us today at (615) 579-2858 to get started.