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Wow and win customers with your website

Today’s website has evolved from essentially acting as an online “yellow pages” entry to becoming a cell phone friendly, tablet friendly, transactional, and measurable brand evangelist that can hire people, can take million dollar orders, provide direct and specific expertise to customers and build brand loyalty for a lifetime.

Take a look at your company website. Does it reflect how you run your business and all your product and service offerings? Does it provide value to your customers? What kind of value does it provide? Is it responsive – in other words – do you have to stretch it all out on your cell phone or tablet? Is it easily found on search engines? How does it communicate  your brand? How does it encourage brand loyalty? Is it inviting, educational, transactional and dynamic?

Because it can be all of those things and more.

We keep these fundamental questions in mind during every step of the design phase, always cognizant how visitors interact with and experience your entire site and form the basis of their decisions on whether or not to click further to learn more.

At The Wave Agency we work closely with you to gain the insight necessary to craft your company presence online to positively influence public opinion of your business. We listen to your goals and aspirations and develop an effective online strategy for your business that enables you to provide customers the website content, functionality, and user experience they expect in today’s rich media environment. We are passionate about creating well-designed websites with the latest technological advances that are both stunning and functional – and helping you attract new prospects, communicate more effectively with existing clients, improve search engine ranking, and increase sales.

We first worked with Jim several years ago to build our corporate website, and have since been firm believers in the power of the web on our business. We know for a fact that it has created opportunities for millions of dollars in project revenue for us over the years.

Perception is reality

Your current and potential customers have opinions and make decisions based on information they encounter in the marketplace. What they perceive becomes their truth.

Consider you’re needing to make an appointment for your pet.  You come across two veterinary offices, right next to each other. The one on the right has a bright updated sign, big windows and has pet signs in the grassy yard in the front for where your pet can take a walk while waiting for the appointment.  In the front room you see friendly faces, have access to marketing brochures and materials that explain what the vet appointments can do to help prolong the health and life of your pet and there is also a wall bookcase stocked with pet vitamins, food, toys and snacks.

The building on the left was built in the 1970’s.  It is brick and has no windows, just a glass front door with a logo on it.  Inside you find old floors, walls that haven’t been painted and are yellowing and a few folding chairs next to a table with a fake flower vase on it.  The people seem friendly but you can’t really see them very well because they are behind a wall that goes about halfway up before a window was cut out. No materials, no information about the office or the doctors, no products, toys or snacks.

Which one is going to get your business?  Really – which one?

You’d take your beloved pet to the business that is updated, information, fresh and friendly because they have worked hard on their business to build your trust.  It’s your pet and your hard-earned money after all – and you need to be sure you’re taking him to the right place so that he’s happy and healthy.

That’s how your current customers and prospective customers are looking at you online.

We Can Help.

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