Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Successful marketing begins with a solid strategy

We can help your business create a realistic plan of action, according to your growth goals and budget. From individual tactical components to comprehensive annual planning, we focus not on how much, but how effective.

A plan written down is better than the one in your head. The Wave Agency can develop a powerful and comprehensive plan that spells out every detail of your marketing efforts from A to Z.  Or we can customize a plan for a specific marketing need.

We believe strongly that there is no cookie cutter approach when it comes to marketing. Just as each wave in the ocean is different, so should the strategy be that fits your brand. That's why we walk you through a comprehensive discovery process that allows us to tailor a strategy just for you.

As a strategic marketing partner, The Wave Agency will work with you to fully understand your business and develop a comprehensive marketing strategy best suited to achieve your organizational growth objectives. We have the expertise and resources to fully administer any type of plan, designing specific marketing components like websites and print collateral, and ensuring that proper content, form and functionality is delivered. All objectives from your plan are measured using analytics to accurately assess R.O.I. and illustrate the effectiveness of each marketing element from a daily, monthly or yearly basis.

Our entire team enjoyed working directly with The Wave Agency through the entire process to establish a strategy, define the project scope and see it through to completion. From discovery to delivery, we appreciated having partners who were creative, knowledgeable, responsive, and clearly dedicated to our company’s success.


Your marketing plan includes the follow key components:


Executive Summary

The Executive Summary defines your company’s positioning, core offerings, target audience and competitive landscape.  Clearly quantifying growth goals and ROI benchmarks is the foundation for determining what success looks like online and offline project components required to meet or exceed those goals.

Marketing Summary

The marketing summary is a snapshot and evaluation of previous and/or current marketing efforts as applicable, with respective expenditures. This section identifies core marketing objectives and campaign strategies including a mix of key brand, online, and offline component recommendations.

Media Plan

Developing a comprehensive media plan requires a clear understanding of the available channels through which to market, including websites and social media, publications and events. Our media matrix provides a simple guide to evaluating various media based on reach, frequency, and placement cost. The Wave Agency will make media recommendations based on marketing objectives, audience research, and company preferences.

Marketing Calendar

In creating your company’s marketing plan, The Wave Agency will provide a calendar that identifies development milestones, duration or launch of all recommended project components and marketing campaigns. Examples include website development, advertising, email marketing campaigns, etc.


Based on all recommendations listed for consideration, The Wave Agency clearly itemizes all expected up front an recurring costs including time & material estimates, licensed tools, and maintenance fees.

We Can Help.

Build a plan for marketing success and grow your bottom line.



Success begins with the right strategy.

And the right strategy begins with a PLAN. We work with you to plan and develop a marketing strategy that will deliver results.  Request a conversation and get started today. Call us at (615) 579-2858.