Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Social media - your brand’s personal touch

Social media. Everybody knows they need it - but not everyone has the time or expertise to effectively manage it for business growth. If you think of your website as your online store - then you must think of your social media personas as the first person your customer may interact with.

Would you employ a person to greet, inform and inspire your customers but have them not show up or periodically so?

Would you have this person dress sloppily and not offer help or information to your prospective clients?

Of course not.

Social media is a powerful customer tool and with the right planning and management can further solidify your brand/customer relationship, grow business and significantly impact sales. And those reasons are exactly why clients come to us. They recognize the power in social media and they need an expert to manage the social media platforms so they can continue to run their business.

Social media management looks like this:

  1. Daily Management & Posts
  2. Custom Content Creation
  3. Interactive Engagement
  4. Awareness & Follower Growth

We use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to accomplish your brand’s social media objectives. Each social media platform has a unique target market and needs to be tended to with that in mind. Twitter is not the same audience as Linked In which is not the same audience as Facebook which is not the same audience as Pinterest (and so on and so on). Blasting out one message on different platforms with different culture targets is not a strategy. We work to reach the target market you’re going for, using the social platforms properly and speaking in the language that makes sense.

What we do

It starts with goal setting and and content creation.

Goal setting and measurement are the first step with any marketing or social media plan. We will then develop content that will meet those objectives. You will need content that informs, entertains, and inspires conversation when you’re working with social media.

Interacting with customers is key.

Likes, shares, retweets, and shares are the promotional channels for your content on social media platforms. We monitor your accounts and act to be responsive to customers questions or comments to keep the conversation about your brand going.

Grow your social media audience.

Understanding goals, creating relevant content and actively managing your social media accounts will grow your followers. There are other ways to increase your fans and followers. Social media has different advertising and post sponsorship opportunities that - depending on the platform - can make a faster impact on your following.

Since The Wave Agency built our site and SEO strategy, our site ranks well for search terms important to our business that our clients use to find us. Since the launch of our site, we’ve seen our response rate grow and have continually increased our marketing efforts to incorporate video testimonials, social media, email campaigns and more to attract and nurture new business leads.

We Can Help.

Expert Social Media help to build meaningful connections that last.



We win hearts and minds for you with social media.

We help you make the most of social media to connect, engage and support customers looking for your products and services.  Call us today at (615) 579-2858 to find out how we do it.