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Your Secret Salesperson who Works 24/7

Your Secret Salesperson who Works 24/7

Every company has one.  Some companies know their secret salesperson very well and make sure to invest a lot of time and energy into him/her.  Some companies don’t know their secret salesperson at all and therefore don’t invest much and don’t get much.

Do you know who your secret salesperson who works 24/7 is? 

Everyone is online now.  Even your grandparents have figured out “the google” and “the facebook,” to get information, connect with people and do buying research.  Mobile phones have made access online a 24/7 as easy as touching a screen. 

Have you figured out who it is yet?

It’s your website. 

Think about it. What does a website do?  It provides potential customers with an opportunity to learn your brand promise, to see in action your products and services, to meet the teams of people they would be working with – and very importantly, to hear from customers who’ve used your products and services and are satisfied with the service, pricing and product you’ve provided. 

In other words – it sells for you.  All of the time. 

So if you’ve recently updated your online presence to have colorful graphics, your brand promise, valuable downloadable content, video and even a chat option for those perusing your site with “right now” needs, this blog is not for you.

If you’ve been ignoring your website – you’re ignoring your hardest working sales person.  Who costs the least to manage and has the potential to crush your competition with a steady stream of quality business.

Now that you know who it is – it’s time to make it work.  


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