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The Rise Of Live Streaming

The Rise Of Live Streaming

Live streaming. Is it a trend or the next big thing?  

Answer: Both.

Can companies who marketing business to business utilize live streaming for their marketing?  SURE!  

Here’s how:

  1. You need to have social media channels.  You can’t do any of this without them.

  2. You need a plan. Just like any marketing strategy - you need to plan out what your ideas might be and they need to be pretty short - because our attention spans are ever-growing shorter.

  3. You need to think of it as a company commercial. Be sure you’re dressed appropriately, be sure you look the part and be sure to highlight your key differentiators.  

Live streaming is new but it is increasingly powerful.  Don’t be surprised when big company leaders from Google, Tesla, and Microsoft start live streaming announcements or updates - much like the President does.

The world may have their heads down looking at their phones - and proactive marketing people will be there waiting to entertain them, to offer information or to educate.  



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