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OMG.  It’s #nationalpizzaday!  I don’t even know what that means but it sounds fantastic doesn’t it?

Maybe it’s a holiday that was invented by pizza brands?  Of course it is.  And it’s a great public relations idea and one you can do too.

Stop shaking your head at me and telling me, “But Julie, you don’t understand.  MY business isn’t like that. My customers wouldn’t care about that.”  To which I would reply, “Stop with the old school thinking and have some fun with your brand! It can work!”

Let’s say you’re one of The Wave Agency clients - Industrial Boiler and Mechanical.  If I invent a #nationalboilerday - do you think Twitter and all social media channels will blow up with millions of comments about personal experiences with boilers???  


But we don’t need it too.  What we need from a #nationalholidayforwhateveryourcompanydoes is a warm fuzzy from current clients who will likely enjoy the idea and a way to continue the conversation with prospects who are thinking about buying.  

Other ideas for nonconventional holidays:








I could go on and on. The point is - there’s a whole lot of noise in marketing these days.  Stepping outside the box and running unconventional campaigns is a smart move that can help you strengthen relationships with clients and help convert prospects.  Think about it!

Oh I forgot to tell you it’s #hirethewaveagencyday!!  How do you plan to celebrate?




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